PC Build

Specs: Intel i7-6950X cpu, Asus Rampage V Ed 10 motherboard, 128gb Dominator Platinum ram, dual Nvidia Titan X pascal gpu's, nvidia HB sli bridge, Corsair AX1500i psu, Asus ROG Spatha mouse, 1tb Samsung SM961 NVme m.2 ssd, 10tb Seagate baracuda hdd, Corsair k70 RGB rapidfire keyboard, Be Quiet Dark base pro 900 case, EKWB waterblocks and back plates (motherboard and gpus), EKWB custom cooling loop (dual 420mm radiators, dual D5 pumps in series for redundancy, single 250mm reservoir, 12/16mm hard acrylic tubing), 12 Bequiet 140mm silent wings 3 pwm fans, 55" Samsung curved 4K screen".
Installing water blocks on Titan Pascal GPU's
Matching backplates
Motherboard monoblock installed, along with RAM, GPUs and PSU. Ready for piping
Bottom of case modded to fit second 420mm radiator, Drain tap installed for easy flushing
Tried many water colours but settled on clear distilled water (with biocide agent)
Close up of pumps
Tempered glass panel installed