Computer graphics written in C++/OpenGL

Lambourghini physics

Sandbox physics engine. Everything written from scratch in C++/OpenGL (asset loaders, physics models, intergrators, colliders, 3D vector maths libs, shaders)


2.5D side scrolling beat em up engine. Written from scratch in C++/OpenGL. Green-screen captured charcters with large moveset (combos, damage, grabs, acrobatics, weapon use, etc..), hand drawn backgrounds, fully animated destructable vehicles

Digital logic simulator

Parses digital logic networks from an input description file and runs circuit simulations to produce timing diagrams of desired signals. Dev on Linux in C++ using WxWidgets for gui (with opengl context for charts).

Space Snake

Written in Javascript/WebGL. Snake game that contains a challenging twist! Click the pic to play it in your browser. Controls: arrow keys and Enter.

Space Tetris

Two player vs battle Tetris game. c++

Space Pong

Pong game featuring super tough CPU opponents. c++


2D physics engine written in c++


Written in python

Reggae Bird

Sunshine/Reggae music themed game similar to Flappy Bird for Android. Written in Lua (Corona SDK)

More Android including a Sudoku Solver, written in Java (Android SDK)

Space Voyager

Universe made from simple geometry with multiple solar sytems to fly around in and explore.

Fun with Fractals