Simultaneous Localisation and Mapping (SLAM)

Intergrating odometry, IMU, and RGBD camera depth data (Asus Xtion - similar to Microsoft Kinect) as psudo Laser range finder, on the Q.Bo robot to perform ultra low cost SLAM. Dev on Linux with ROS (Robot Operating System) and gmapping/hector_SLAM
Example resulting map (Cambridge Engineering department SigProc corridor)
Path planning and Frontier based exploration

Autonomous guided vehicle project

A line following robot. Designed, built, and tasked with autonomous item sorting in a constrained playfield. Based on Intel embedded hardware

FitFriend - mobile health monitoring system

Personal fitness electronic trainer device. Photoplethysmograph heart rate monitor, accelerometer step counter, incentivised games, calorie estimation. ARM (STM32) MCU based
'Deadbug' soldered smd components

AM Radio receiver

Simple receiver that works pretty well
The circuit for those playing along at home...

Lego NXT project

'Hooke's Tower' tensions and releases elastic bands, plots height vs time for suspended mass, measures oscillation period, and derives the spring constant