BMW 330ci car PC

The main challenge is to create a screen bezel that appears as if it were factory fitted. The rest of the install can be easily hidden under carpets/trim pieces
I decided to start with an original sat nav head unit as a base for the build
Which was then modifed into the following by cutting out plastic and crafting an internal frame for a 7" VGA touch screen using fibreglass and body filler. Primed and painted a matt black to match the original plastic as closely as possible
4.1 surround capable Mini ITX based pc, case built from sheet acrylic, installed in boot via carpeted MDF suspended shelf. PSU is a 12V ATX vehicle supply with ignition key on/shutdown triggering and several other useful features. Battery power is supplyed via a custom relay/fuse board
Installed in the vehicle. Controls (Volume pot, usb slot, screen setting control, hard power switch) mounted in the ash tray

Astra 1.6 car PC

Similar deal, different car. Again, a custom bezel is required to adapt an arbitray shape to the factory dash